Custom meat processing shop offering fresh retail cuts and smoked products

Meatworx is a family owned and operated custom meat processing shop also offering fresh retail cuts and smoked products.  We have a variety of our family sausage recipes both smoked and fresh. Also part of our retail offering are our custom seasoning blends and meat-related accompaniments and accessories. 

We work closely with each customer when processing their animals.  We take pride in our aging, processing and care of your product.  We want our customers to feel like part of our family.

Our Cuts

We process beef, pork, lamb, and wild game. Give us a call at (541) 804-2303 or email to discuss our cut options.  

Our People

We are the Fontana family. With almost forty years of combined experience in the food industry, we decided it was time for our family to work together and share our passion.

Dominic and Shayna Fontana with their children

Dominic and Shari Fontana